Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apparently it's time for week 24's update?!?

Holy bloody crap! I mean, I know I'm a couple of days early posting my 24 week update (2 whole days!) but even taking into account the extra time, it just seems absolutely unreal that I'm this far along already. eek!

Anyway, 24 weeks have just flown by and quite frankly, Scott and I aren't prepared at all, unless you consider buying your unborn progeny a toy preparation of some sort. Behold, a picture of the one and only thing we've bought to prepare for our child's impending birth: a cloth doll!

Now I know this isn't an essential like a car seat or a crib but it is the very first thing we've bought for our little Bug so I thought I would post a pic to show we're not in denial or anything. Yes, we realize we have a baby on the way and yes, we know we need to buy the essentials too so please don't report us to Child and Family Services. We will buy all those important things too...eventually.


The Baby Center update this week focuses mainly on what's going down with the mom but there are a few interesting tidbits here. Also, the 3d rotatable pic and blurb can be found here. The Visible Embryo has an update this week although the picture they use is rather disturbing...the baby's eyes make it look possessed by the devil. Vewy, Vewy Scawy but if you're feeling brave it can be found here.