Tuesday, July 28, 2009

23 Weeks Pregnant

Hey Everyone...here's my 23 week post from Charlottetown, PEI. We're on vacation right now so this is going to be pretty short but I will be posting more in a couple of days (the time change has played havoc with my energy levels at this point).

Here's the 23 week update from Baby Center and the 3d rotatable pic and blurb can be seen by clicking here.


  1. I love your 3D belly pic!!! So cute! Congratulations. I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like like it! Just had my first little boy, such a wonderful experience. If you are thinking of names by the way, check out http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ where you can search names by meaning and origin. My little boy is called Marlow and he is just perfect. Fingers are crossed everything goes well for you xx

  2. Umm...it seems there may be a bit of confusion. The 3d pic I've shown in this post is NOT mine. I have no 3d pics of my own and this was just a cute little pic showing a baby's development at 23 weeks preggers.