Monday, July 13, 2009

21 weeks

Another week has gone by in a real whirlwind. The other day, Scott was finally able to feel Bug swishing around (we call it "finning") but he has yet to feel her kick. Given how much this kid kicks that's a bloody miracle but it seems that whenever he puts his hand on my stomach she senses it and promptly goes on strike or heads out for a beer and some pizza. *sigh* Have I mentioned lately how much I miss beer? Perhaps a better question would be, "is there anyone out there who hasn't recently heard how much I miss beer?"

Baby Center's update can be found here but they are surprisingly skimpy on baby details this week. The 3d rotatable pic and blurb are here and it actually includes a junk food reference! No one has yet used my Mars bar or Diet Coke suggestions so I think my evil junk food empire idea is still a go but it was gratifying nevertheless to see at least one reference without any nutritional value. There is, after all, only so much pressure a woman can take to eat her fruit, fiber and veggies 24/7 before she runs screaming into the night searching for a 7-11 candy aisle.

I've started seriously thinking of names but I'm not exactly burning through the baby names book or anything just yet. I want to figure out the logistics of the nursery and guest room before falling in love with a name or 5 only to have Scott say:
1) "no,"
2) "no way,"
3) "never in a million years,"
4) "not for any child of mine", and
5) "what the hell were you thinking?"

Since he often comes up with names that make me think oatmeal is exciting in comparison, this kid may end up being called One of Two, which could be awkward if she ends up being an only child. (and yes, that's a Star Trek reference...)

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