Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ka-Sproing, MoFo!

Ahhh...I remember the good old days when Bug's movements were soft and oh-so-cute instead of strong and oh-so-bloody-crazy. Even after the little butterfly flutters moved on to teensy little bumps, and then those teensy little bumps morphed into more insistent punches and kicks I still thought it was great because it confirms that everything is humming along as it should.

However, there comes a time (and I knew that it was a possibility from reading things off THE DREADED INTERNET) where your child can hit you so hard in just the right place that you cough, choke, or double over as much as is physically possible around that basketball you used to call your belly. Somehow, I thought I would be spared this rite of passage since I'm a girlie girl and I'm having a girl. Surely she wouldn't kick the crap out of her mom, would she? Hell no! She's inside me right now dreaming of our first mom and daughter manicure and anxiously awaiting the the theatrical release of Sex in the City 2, right?

Ummm...apparently not.

The other night while Scott and I were watching tv, she somehow managed to kick or punch me so hard on the ribs that I yelled out loud. If you had synesthesia, the sensation would have sounded like a cross between a sproing and a nuclear bomb blast with a bit of attitude mixed in for good measure: kind of like a "Ka-Sproing MoFo!"

I know that sounds funny but I was in pain for over an hour afterwards. Bug has been pretty active lately but I have to wonder how the hell did she manage to get so strong at 27 weeks and what prompted that little outburst?

Of course, SOMEONE was forcing us to sit through TSN's Sportsdesk so that may explain a highlights piss me off too and don't even get me started about baseball.

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