Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hark! Is that the Four Horsemen I Hear?

This week has been a banner one - for me, at least.

Firstly, on Tuesday some stranger got up looooong before his stop and...

(you're never going to believe it...)


Then, yesterday I'm walking home and some random woman decided it was necessary to compliment me on how great my pants made my butt look.

 it "be nice to pregnant women week" or something 'cause if not I'm going to have to start:

a) keeping an eye out for 4 scary dudes riding horses running amok in the city
b) dodging amphibians raining from the heavens
c) checking to see if the moon really is turning to blood
d) listening for Gabriel's horn (although I'm not at all convinced he could blow hard enough to drown out my ipod)
e) cleaning my know, in case cleanliness truly is next to godliness and therefore a prerequisite to salvation and all that crap.

1 comment:

  1. your funny and messed up.. all wrapped into one cute little package. Love the pictures.. but would LOVE pictures of YOU more! UGH!