Monday, August 10, 2009

Leigha Version 1.5 - Week 25

Hello again. I'm back in the 'Couver and although I'm still so jet lagged I'm operating at Forrest Gumpesque levels, I thought you all might like an update on what's going on with Bug and I.

We're now in week 25 and things are good...if you don't count the prolonged jet lag, constant heartburn, and hugely swollen feet which never (and I mean NEVER) fit into my pre-pregnancy shoes without a fight. There is nothing quite so sad as watching a pregnant woman sobbingly try on all her shoes only to realize they are benched until after the baby makes his/her debut...unless you actually ARE said pregnant woman making an effort to glam it up for her friend's stagette. A pathetic picture, isn't is?

Of course, this is pure speculation because - as you all know - I'm still a svelte size 7 with gloriously slim size 8 feet (aaaaand if you believe that...)

This week the Baby Center update is again sparse on baby factoids and focuses mainly on what is or could be going on with me right now. pfft! If I had carpal tunnel syndrome, I certainly wouldn't need a bloody email to tell me so. I want more baby info, dammit!

Happily, the 3d rotatable blurb and pic (here) is full of great baby info so I was placated. No angry emails to the creators of the Baby Center website...this week at least.

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