Monday, August 31, 2009

28 Weeks

So today marks yet another major baby milestone. Apparently, 24 weeks is the first point at which the medical community considers a baby to be viable (although I've read about younger children having survived in VERY rare cases) and 28 weeks is where a child's chance of survival jumps almost to its highest because their little lungs are in better working order. Of course, a baby born at this point would require a long stay at the hospital and a lot of medical help, but it represents yet another developmental stage that allow Scott and I to breathe a little easier and focus more on our excitement (and anxiety) about Bug's impending arrival.

The Baby Center update can be found here and the 3D rotatable pic and info is available via this link. This week's blurb and ridiculously disturbing pic from the Visible Embryo can be found here.

I'm going in on Wednesday of this week for another ultrasound so hopefully I'll have another fantastic pic of Buggero to post soon although (as I've said before) it won't be a fancy-schmancy 3d one like the one I found on Google images for this post. I actually don't think we're going to do the 3d ultrasound since this poor kid has been ultrasounded within an inch of her life since June.

Our update: Scott and I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a sectional couch for our living room, a pull-out couch for our new den/guestroom and a leather swivel/recliner for our new upstairs living space too. It was a depressingly expensive day and all we walked out of the store carrying was a furniture care kit because our new couches won't come until October 17th and the chair won't arrive until December 3rd. Somehow, walking out with a little cardboard box after spending thousands of dollars just didn't seem right, you know?

The bonus? I don't have to spend time I need to get the nursery ready shopping for our other furniture anymore.

The drawback? I now have no excuse to drag my butt any more when it comes to clearing out the mess I've made in the den (aka nursery). Sigh...

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