Wednesday, August 26, 2009

88 More Days Until the Fun-ectomy

bor·ing [ báwring ] adj. Definition: uninteresting: stimulating no interest or enthusiasm.

Synonyms: dull, monotonous, tedious, uninteresting

So I think it is safe to say that most of you reading my fantabulous blog know that marriage is not the death of fun, riiiiiight?

I mean, I know plenty of people who are married (myself included) who haven't magically morphed into June and whatshisname Cleaver (Egad! He was apparently so boring I can't even remember his name).

So if that stereotype is a load of crap, why then do some people still buy into its sister prejudice about moms?
Why do some women feel the pressure to become a Stepford Mom?
And more importantly, why are some women actually smug because they have voluntarily undergone a fun-ectomy?

Thankfully I only know one Stepford Mother (and no, she isn't one of you!).

I can say with 100% certainty that Bug doesn't herald the demise of my love affair with sexy cha-cha shoes, she won't kill my appetite for girlie martinis or fruity blender drinks, and she certainly won't be the one and only topic of my future conversations.

I'll be a mom, yes, and things will be different for me in so many ways but that doesn't mean I'll become a different person. I promise all of you that I'll continue to be an overly-opinionated, PS3 playing, mani/pedi loving, Martini drinking shoe-a-holic with a vampire fetish although now I'll be one that operates on far less sleep and who may occasionally accessorize her party clothes with dried baby barf.

Now that's fun with a capital "F"!


  1. this is what I love most about you sister... you love what you love what you love... no questions no apologies. I'm glad you are going to be the same old you, just with a baby fashionly resting on your hip wearing those girly girl hot shoes a baby bottle in one hand and a girly martini in the other!

  2. Hopefully I don't mix up which hand is holding who's drink or Bug could end up having a swish-a-liscious time while I'll be stuck with a far less palatable option...(*gag*) ;)