Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 27: the 3rd Trimester...errr..I mean Trimester 2.5

Awww...whad a widdle cudie petudie dis stwanger's babee iz.

Ok, seriously, just shoot me in the head if I EVER talk to my kid, and more importantly, to any of you using a sickly sweet baby voice like that. (note: drunken slurring CAN sound like the above so please take the context into account before polishing up the firearms, ok? And NO, there'll be no drunken slurring until after Bug makes her debut so don't start that "Leigha is an unfit mother" Facebook group just yet.)

So, here we are and I am most definitely in my third second trimester...or, as it is now known: trimester 2.5. Sadly, Baby Center seems to be labouring under the delusion that I'm in my third trimester (silly website...must be run by men) but otherwise their info seems to be credible this week so here's the link.

The 3d rotatable pic and development facts can be found here.

Bug and I are both doing well. She has, however, decided that my bladder is her dance surface of choice. Over the past weekend, there were countless instances where I would leave a bathroom only to have her shift around to renew the feeling that I had to pee...RIGHT BLOODY NOW, DAMMIT! I shudder to think how this is going to feel when she's bigger but since that is "oh so far off" (har har) I'll just move on. tra-la-la-la I've got all the time in the world, right? (and this, dear readers, is where you collectively nod your heads convincingly while prudently keeping your thoughts regarding my mental state to yourselves).

Other than that, I'm busy at work and Scott and I have been industriously scouting out furniture for our planned guest room conversion. Right now we have a conventional guest room (bed, dresser, etc) but with Bug's impending arrival we'll no longer have a den so we're going to change the guestroom to a living space/guest room with a pull out couch ASAP.
We went sofabed shopping on Friday. (dramatic eye roll)
We went sofabed shopping on Saturday. (groan)
We went everywhere BUT sofabed shopping on Sunday (praise Jesus, hallelujah!)
Be Forewarned: if I have to look at one more damn couch or lay on one more pull out mattress, I'm going to lose my mind, people.

I've found that I'm getting a bit breathless at times from internal organ reorg currently in progress and my brain seems to have decided I'm already on mat leave because it is on permasnooze. I can't think of the last time I went somewhere without forgetting something (and if there was a time when I didn't forget something, I would have forgotten about it by now anyway). Pregnancy Brain. Ain't it grand?

What was I talking about again?

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