Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thirty Six? Already?

Hey all. Yesterday I hit 36 weeks (or 9 months for those not used to "preggo lingo") and it felt like a really busy day. I went to see my OB in the AM, sashayed home and puttered around for a couple of hours before heading to St. Paul's where I had an ultrasound (yes, another one). After this, I headed home, chugged some hot chocolate and curled up on the couch for a 2.5 hour nap. I know, I know...I work myself too hard. That's just the way I roll.

Of course, not satisfied with my monumental accomplishments for the day, I rolled off the couch just in time to go to supper with Scott, my sister Heather, my brother Cullen, and his girlfriend Christine at a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen (good pizza, mind-numbingly good poutine, robotic waitresses and just generally horrible service). Apparently, it is now considered good service to lecture your patrons about the impossibility of ensuring their meal won't be contaminated with shrimp after they've told you they have an allergy. Who knew?

So I had a very exciting weekend (I'll talk about that in another posting) followed by the whirlwind Monday I just described (cough) and that's my excuse for posting this update a bit late (cough cough).

The Baby Center update on Bug's progress is here and, like a couple of weeks ago, the average weight measurement they give is quite low compared to the estimate I got yesterday during my ultrasound. Apparently, Bug is on pace to walk out of the womb already bitching on her cell about traffic and the price of a good pair of Jimmy Choo's but that's another story. Also, the 3D pic and info are here.

Hard to believe that if I was to carry Bug to full term, I'd have another 27 days to go 'cause on both of these websites the babies in their pictures look pretty darn developed to me. Of course, my OB told me that Bug is fully "cooked" so this bun can come out of the oven any time now with no worries.

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