Tuesday, November 3, 2009

37 Weeks: Seriously, Are We There Yet?

Hey everyone. I'm late this week. No, Bug's not late, I'M late - late making this posting and you know what? I have no excuse. None, zip, squat, and nada. Quite frankly, I've just been enjoying my first couple of days of mat leave so much that I just forgot. I've had one verybusydayrunningaroundtryingtogetshitdone and one day of doing...almost...nothing...and...lovin'...every...minute...of...it. Ahhhh heaven.

The Baby Center update is here and it talks about something I'm sooo not looking forward to: meconium - aka: baby's first poo (BFP). According to my secret, highly qualified sources, meconium is like tar...or gum...or that crappy glue they use to seal plastic together that inevitably balls up stickily all over your clothes. Yeah, so I'm fully expecting to have one helluva visceral reaction to that...imagine it: poo you need a spatula and nail polish remover to clean up. You know, there just isn't a facial expression on Google images that does my feelings on that subject justice. Gah!

The 3D pic and info can be found by clicking on this link. Happily, although there is a reminder to pick up diapers, there isn't one reference to BFP or any of its attendant grossness. Hey, if you're looking for something rather trippy to do, just take a look at the 3d pic for this week and then click on the 7 week one on their 40 week calendar. Hard to believe that my "little" Bug (and I'm using that term to indicate she's smaller than a Mac Truck) was once a little Shamoo weighing less than a gram. Kind of boggles the mind (for me at least) since she's now able to push my insides around like nobody's business. I seriously think she's got a grudge against my hip joints and the right side of my rib cage. What they ever did to her will probably remain a mystery for the ages but I have my suspicions....

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