Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 41 (sigh)

Guess what everyone?
I've got news.
You'll never guess in a million years.
I'm pregnant!

Well...technically it isn't news except that it is a bit surprising that I'm still pregnant. Still. Somehow that word echoes when I type it like I just yelled it into the Grand Canyon: STILLstillstillstillstillstillstillstillstillstill.

My stupid smug websites are trying to tell me I'm probably not actually late but that many women are just given the wrong due date. I hate to say it (well no, actually I don't hate it. I love it because I love being right...) but NOPE. That doesn't apply here. I can say with 100 percent certainty that Bug is late and I'm STILLstillstillstillstillstillstillstillstillstill pregnant.

The "good" news? I found out today I'm having a couple of contractions per hour. Hopefully that means we'll be in the hospital any time now...before I'm induced on Thursday.

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