Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where's that &%#ing Cork?

I've been wandering around now for about a week and a half to two weeks feeling like Bug is going to drop out of my va-jay-jay any moment. Sometimes the feeling is so strong, I find myself clenching my pelvic muscles in an irrational attempt to ensure I don't give birth standing on the skytrain platform or waiting in line at the grocery Bug would suddenly make her debut without any of the normal fanfare otherwise known as labour pains. I know, I so cwazy.

I simply can't help it though. I find myself wishing for something fantastical like a uterine cork I could insert at the beginning of each day to keep from feeling this odd and often uncomfortable sensation that my kid is going to end up dangling from me like a mitten on an idiot string while I wander around in public begging for sterile scissors. According to the Baby Center website, this is a common sensation for women who are 36 weeks along but I've been feeling this since week 32. (Trying. Not. To Panic. Now.)

I'm beginning to wonder if my child's height and weight (let's just say she's pretty tall and her estimated weight left me in a major funk over the weekend) has made her drop even sooner than normal and if that will translate into an earlier delivery. With my luck, it won't, but given how uncomfortable a sensation this is I can't help but to hope I end up giving birth soon after week 36 just so I can loosen the pelvic clamps just a little bit.

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  1. As bugs first act of obedience, that kid better not come until after I get home! Sister, find that cork screw!!!!