Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I keep telling myself, "Today is just one of those days. Tomorrow I'll feel 100% better."

and over
...and over again.

And has all this positive thinking helped? Not one everlovin' bit.

I feel nauseous, my back hurts, I'm exhausted, and my head hurts. Boo frickin' hoo, right? It comes with the territory and I know that. I know I'm supposed to suck it all up just be so excited about the joys of impending motherhood that none of this stuff gets me down but to be honest...I'm having a bad day and since I'm home alone all night, I've only got you to whine to via the miraculous interweb. (could be worse, I could be dialing your number to perform a maneuver known as the telephonic whine)

I spent an anxious couple of minutes wondering if all this was actually labour but I sincerely doubt that. All the same, I'm left to wonder....

Wheeeeeeeeen is this going to eeeeeeeeend?

I know I'm not technically ready for Bug but to hell with it! Come on down, kiddo!!!!!

Anytime now.

Eh-nee-ti-emah! Kuhum ohn dowan lihttel wun kaus yer mahmah whants tah meecha.


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  2. I told you, that kid isnt allowed out till I get there. She's not fully cooked yet.. like a yorkshire pudding when its still liquid in the middle, or Mac and Cheese with milk still visible... NOT COOKED YET!