Tuesday, October 13, 2009

34 weeks Plus a Smidge

Sorry everyone, the turkey coma (and holiday Monday) made me forget that yesterday was time for my week 34 update.

The Baby Center update for this week is here and yes, it is really for 34 weeks. When it talks about a baby being born at week 35, they really mean "while you are in your 35th week" which is apparently where I am right now: I've completed 34 weeks and I'm now in my 35th. Confusing, n'est pas?

The 3d pic and info can be found by clicking here. I hope this link works better for you than it is for me today (I seem to be giving my computer the heeby jeebies so it won't load up anything fun like the 3d baby picture). From what I remember, it shows the baby head down now because by this time most children have moved into their birthing positions (ideally, head down, backwards). Bug seems to be a bit more anxious than the average because she's been head down for weeks on end already. Before the grandparents get all excited, just note that this doesn't mean we need to start boiling water or anything...just that she's a keener (like her mother) and highly physically co-ordinated (...most definitely UNlike her mother but thankfully, like her father). Unfortunately, she's in what's called a posterior position which means she's facing forward (looking at my belly button) which is far from ideal since it can cause back pain, back labour, and premature amniotic sac ruptures.

I went in on Friday for an ultrasound - probably my last before Buggero is born - and although she wasn't in the mood to pose for family photos, I did get to see some pretty cool stuff. I saw her take a practice breath which is where she takes amniotic fluid into the lungs using her diaphragm, I saw her kicking the crap out of my ribs (oof), and then I saw her cry. The sonographer had to push her head out of the way so she could get some pictures of my cervix and apparently Bug wasn't amused. She put on the most pissed off expression I've ever seen on a child and then made faces we were sure indicated she was having a rocking good cry, albeit a silent one. I then spent the next five minutes torn between wanting to cry myself and marvelling at how cute she is even when she's probably plotting something involving horrific DIAPER BLOWOUTS in my future.

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