Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Financial Hemorrhage has Begun...

On Friday I came to my most shocking realization yet: we've got about 10 weeks (give or take) to get our house and our lives in order before Bug comes and that, my friends, just isn't very damn long!

I know it sounds like I've spent more than half this pregnancy being surprised by the obvious, but for some reason I just can't help it. Every single time I think about certain things I'm struck by how scary and wonderful having a baby is, how unprepared I am and how incredibly excited and twisted up I am inside. You know, my typical self, but the bonus pack version NOW WITH 50% MORE CRAZY!

So with this realization came a renewed push to "take care of business" - aka buy the basics. Scott and I have been putting this off for quite some time. At first, we justified it by saying we wanted to wait until after a certain point to make sure that everything was going to be ok. Then, just when we thought we were in the clear, things got a little NOT ok so we used that to justify further procrastination. Mind you, we knew at the time that it was poor tactical thinking but it sure helped our sanity to wait until things settled down before dipping our toes into the baby shopping pool.

The problem is that now we're about 10 weeks away from D-day (Delivery Day) and Scott and I have bought exactly squat for Bug besides a cute little cloth doll (see pic in my Aug 1st post here). I imagine just about everyone reading this is thinking we're nuts but fear not, we've now fully immersed ourselves in the very scary (and ridiculously expensive) world of baby crap. Car seats, strollers, furniture, clothing, and...accessories? We need to accessorize our child? We need accessories to have a child? To care for a child? To keep ourselves from looking like idiots while fumbling around trying to figure out what the hell we're doing with our child?

Apparently so.

And what a bloody racket baby stores are running! They are like the bambino mafioso.

You need a stroller? Have we got the one for you...however, you'll probably have to sell your firstborn in order to afford it...

Oh you like that convertible crib? Here's the form to take out a second mortgage on your home...

No, this doesn't come with ANY of the features we have on display. Those will cost you an arm and a leg but we do have a special going on this get to choose: right or left...

I swear, if I win the lotto, I'm going to set up a baby store. It is quite literally a license to print money and maybe THEN I could afford some of the junk we saw on sale this weekend. Gah!

Some good news? Well, we bought the cutest crib bedding AND I'm pretty sure we found her a crib we like with a price tag that didn't send us both running for the TUMS. Oh happy day!

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