Monday, September 21, 2009

31 Weeks

I was planning on doing at least one more posting over the weekend but our internet router decided that it had had enough of the poor working conditions at our place and quit. Sadly, quite a number of electronics that have spent any amount of time in my company lately are now either on strike or they've come down with a serious case of Alzheimers. Perhaps we should offer health benefits?

My cell phone has decided that I now merit my own time zone: BC + 30 minutes (which, given my size, I have problems disputing). If this was a one time glitch, I would have found it mildly funny, but every single time I correct the time, my phone goes into a sulk and then changes it back when I'm not looking. My clock radio screams and goes off channel when I dare touch it and my ipod is now just plain ignoring me most of the time when I try to use the touch wheel. Why shouldn't my router join in on the "fun"? Sigh

I've always had some effect on electronics (batteries in watches die quick deaths, radios get louder when I am nearby, etc) but lately the problem has gotten so much worse. I'm beginning to wonder if Bug is going to be like me and if the two of us are what is causing these additional or accelerated glitches. I'm just glad my computer here at work is still working (although that may be because our IT dude recommended I place the tower as far away from me as physically possible when he first realized my effect on electronics). here we are: 31 weeks along. The Baby Center's update this week is ho hum but it does have a pretty good picture showing roughly how big Bug wonder my stomach is as hard as a drum and I'm constantly running for the bathroom! I'm surprised the kid can move at all in there! The 3D pic and blurb are here but again, I'm not blown away by the amazing info. I read my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" week 31 update this morning and there was at least one thing I remember thinking was cool...but do you think I can remember what that was? Noooooo, not a chance. Gah!

Bug and I are doing well. I'm feeling pretty good most of the time if you don't count being tired, having a sore back, feeling like my pelvis is being pushed down to my knees, and the almost constant sensation that my hips are being pried out of their sockets.

I know it may not always sound like it, but for all my bitching there really is nothing like this whole experience...I wouldn't trade it for all the ibuprofen in the world (which is - these days - saying a LOT).

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