Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 30

Hooo boy! Is it that time already? I'm now 30 weeks along (or in my 31st week as Scott felt compelled to point out...thanks for that, Scott).
30 weeks.
The big three-oh-my-friggin-gawd-why-the-hell-did-I-sign-onto-this-for-and-how-do-I-get-off-this-train week?
Yup. 30 weeks and the fear of giving birth to a full sized baby (or - cringe - oversized) is now in full swing.

Ahem...well the calendar don't lie so here's the updates for this week: Baby Center is here and the 3D preggo picture and info can be found by clicking here. Again, I refuse to subject you to the Visible Embryo's "artwork" but I did learn by reading the info there that Bug's irises are now pigmented (blue until well after birth and then we'll see). Other than that, everything they have to say is covered by the other blurbs.

Bug is doing well. She's getting very strong (ouch! ooof!) and more than a bit crowded these days if the amount of fidgeting she's doing is any indication. Also, now when she "fins" it is more like watching someone trying to stretch their way out of a plastic bag.
And sometimes, if you happen to be the plastic bag, not overly comfortable.

I'm not sleeping all that well but that could be due to any number of things, including Bug's little late night/early morning forays into interpretative dance. Since she actually seems to be a good little sleeper for the most part, I shouldn't complain...although I apparently just did.

I'm not quite sure why but suddenly I'm absolutely crazy about milk. I've always liked milk, loved it even, but these days I can't get enough of the stuff.

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  1. Just a postscript here: if you don't get the Soylent milk reference, just read the plot section on Wikipedia for the "Soylent Green" entry. Don't worry, I won't ask you to watch the movie...I did that a couple of months ago and you're better off just reading Wikipedia.