Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 Weeks or Hie Ho, Hie Ho, 76 Days to Go

This pic is off the internet showing a baby that is 29 weeks along.

The Baby Center update (as sparse as it is) can be found by clicking on this link and the 3d rotatable picture and info is available for your viewing pleasure if you click on this. I know I usually post the link for the Visible Embryo website but since the visuals remind me of movie posters from "Night of the Living Dead" or "28 Days Later," I'm just going to leave that for now. Besides, the only cool stuff from that website indicates that Bug now has hair on her head (not lanugo) and her bone marrow and brain stem have now developed enough that they are operating as they should (producing red blood cells, regulating her body temperature, etc).

So what's up with Bug and I? She seems to be having a grand ole time swishing around in my uterus, blissfully unaware (or uncaring) of how difficult that can make it for me to get a good night's sleep. Most nights she's pretty good but last night she seemed to be as restless as I was and her movements were strong enough and painful enough to keep me awake or to wake me. Given how much I love my sleep, you would think I would have been a wreck half way through the night but I just can't seem to get upset when the reason I'm heading for sleep deprivation is that she's performing her little internal gymnastics. I know, I know...I'm already putty in her teensy little hands.

However, even without Bug's little nocturnal tumbling routine, last night was a bit rough because every time I moved to relieve the painful pressure point on my left hip my stomach would clench up, making me feel like someone was jabbing me in the gut with a hot poker. Being the magnanimous person I am (as I am sure you are all aware), I was expending a mighty effort to keep from screaming, grunting or crying so as not to wake up Scott but he's so dialed in to how I'm feeling these days he woke up every bloody time anyway.

So, I spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy last night awake smiling like a besotted eejit while our daughter pummeled my internal organs or in the throes of pain quickly followed by spousal guilt. Ah, c'est fun!


  1. Dear Leigha: This is my third try at sending you a note. The first time it wouldn't let me past the post comment box. The second time I was doing fine until the computer decided I needed a update and shut me down. If this one doesn't work, this machine and I are parting company. Love Cathy

    To begin with Charlie and I just got home from the funeral of Merrill Scott's mother. It wasn't a sad one though as she was 92