Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank the Gods of Technology for Air Con!

Well for any of you not living in the 'Couver, here's a news has been hot here for the last few days. Hot with a capital "H".
H. A. W. T.

You know:
the kind that melts your ice cream before you actually have a chance to sit down and eat it.
the kind that makes you sweat just thinking about it.
and apparently, the kind that makes me cry at 3 AM. (I'm blaming that one on the hormones, folks)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love summer and I have a ridiculously high heat tolerance, but all that seems to have gone out the window with this pregnancy. I honestly thought I would be immune to the misery I've always heard goes hand in hand with summertime pregnancy...after all, I wandered around Kuwait in jeans and a long sleeve blouse in 45 degree Celsius weather without breaking a sweat! Imagine my surprise the other night when I found myself sitting up with tears streaming down my face while contemplating breaking into the local supermarket to sleep in their freezer aisle. Imagine their surprise in the morning when they find a pregnant woman sound asleep on their floor cuddling a stack of frozen pizzas...

Let's just say my place was so hot I was thinking that scenario was almost worth the inevitable stint in the psych ward. At least they'd have air conditioning...

Well, we hit a crisis point Tuesday night. We came home from work, opened the door and I swear you could see the heat rising off our floor. It was like we were walking in the African savanna at high noon and by the time we stumbled upstairs to bed it wasn't much better despite the cross breeze and our fan chugging away.

So last night we went out and bought a portable air conditioner for a price so ridiculous I don't even want to mention it ($615 incl taxes!!!). I nearly cried because I have so many better things to spend that money on (like underwear my ass won't eat in a couple of months or a bra that minimizes 'the girls' so men will remember I have a face again).

At first, I wasn't exactly impressed with the results but when I got up in the middle of the night and wandered out into the hallway, I nearly fell over. I had never walked into a wall of heat like that before but the temperature difference was astronomical. When I crawled back into bed I realized it was just cool enough in our bedroom that I could finally get some sleep.
As far as I'm concerned now, that ridiculous sum was money well spent.

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