Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue seems to be pulling ahead

So I've been getting emails and phone calls with people's opinions about whether Bug is a boy or a girl. All this info is a little hard to keep track of when you've got pregnancy brain so, before I forget and begin dreaming of my next meal, here's the way things are tracking so far:

Me: Boy
Scott: Girl
Dr. Smith: his latest guess was Boy
Charlie: Boy

Heather: Girl (she's guessing girl because she knows I would like to start with a girl)
Liz: Boy
Jim: Girl (but Scott says he really thinks I'm having a boy, he just doesn't want to agree with Liz haha)
Mom: Boy
Cullen: Boy (based on a theory that gender is generationally determined. Since mom had mostly girls, I'm going to have a boy...)

As you can see, the overwhelming majority think I'm having a boy. Quite frankly, I almost don't even care anymore. I just want to know one way or the other and the wait is driving me absofricking crazy. One more week(ish) until we know.

I am TRYING to be patient but since that's like asking a man what he's thinking and actually getting an honest answer (aka: impossible) it is starting to get a bit tense at home...and at work...and especially on the skytrain. I mean, I know I'm bigger than usual but does everybody have to bash into my chest and stomach all the time? I'm not that bloody big, people! I haven't even popped yet. I'm actually looking forward to getting on the skytrain after I pop so when some idiot smashes into my stomach other people will look at them like they are Jack the Ripper.

Then maybe someone will actually give up their seat for me. Yeah, you're right...that's just asking too much, isn't it?

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