Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pink or Blue?

Saw Bug on Monday and I still have no idea whether we're having a boy or a girl. (dramatic sigh)

I hate how the tech focused on all these things that meant absolutely nothing to me at that particular moment (although I'm sure they are BIG PICTURE important) when all I really want to do is count fingers and toes and see if my kid is going to be shopping for underwear at Victoria's Secret or Mark's Work Wearhouse.

So what did I learn? Bug has 2 arms and 2 legs (always a good start) and he or she looks well proportioned and seems very active. Also, my child is stubborn and won't pose nicely for the camera so I walked away with one fuzzy little picture instead of a ream of pics that would make you all ooh and ahh over how incredibly cute my progeny is. Already, my child is rebelling...

I'm planning on having a chat with my belly before my next ultrasound on the 26th so expect to be blown away by the modelesque stylings of BUG!

On Monday, Bug's heartbeat was 148 bpm but today it was 137 (or 143...I know they don't even sound similar but I have pregnancy brain, for God's sake, I'm lucky I remember my own name these days, let alone numbers that distract me from the cute little lublublub of my baby's heart). I'm apparently not quite as far along as we thought (or Bug is a bit small) but the difference is only 2 days so I'm not crying in my Vitamin Water.

So what do you all think I'm going to have? Boy or girl? So far the tally looks like this:

Me: Boy but I had a rather vivid girl dream the other night so I'll keep you posted
Scott: Girl
Dr. Smith: Last appointment: Girl This appointment: Boy. (He's only offered opinions based on the baby's heartbeat...always followed by a disclaimer that this kind of thing is total crap) He has a 100% chance now of being right but I consider this a cheat.
Charlie (Scott's dad): Boy (what this is based on, I'll never know because he decided this before I even got pregnant)
You: ??

Don't worry about being accurate - there is no prize for guessing right and no punishment for being a complete doofus and guessing wrong...

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