Monday, June 22, 2009

18 weeks!

Here's the Baby Center take on what's going on with Bug this week and the 3D pic and blog can be found here. The Visible Embryo is talking about any number of things happening this week, including the formation of brown fat (who knew fat came in different colours?) along with some other stuff going on that I don't dare try to spell.

This week is a busy one for Bug and for me. Bug is busy getting bigger and developing in all sorts of new and exciting ways and apparently I'm just busy getting bigger. I got up this morning and nearly fell over when I looked at my profile. Holy effing crap! I am absolutely convinced my belly grew overnight. Since I can't yet wear most of my maternity tops without letting the cat out of the bag and my regular shirts are now umm...tight (to say the least in some cases) across the stomach and boobs, dressing for work posed a real dilemma this morning. Thank the gods that it is cool outside so I have an excuse to wear a hoodie 'cause otherwise I'd be screwed with a capital screw.

My dreams last night were stranger than usual. I would be dreaming about something completely random and suddenly it would include the sensation that Bug was kicking. It was weird the first time but in every single dream? I thought that was noteworthy. Personally, I think Bug was up all night practicing Muay Thai and it somehow ended up being incorporated into my dreams. If this keeps up, we may have to consider naming Bug Neo or Trinity (depending on the outcome of the pink or blue test) because this kid is coming out kicking first and asking questions later. Yes, I know Chuck Norris is better known for the kicking thing but I absolutely REFUSE to name any child of mine "CHUCK" That's just begging to be turned into "upchuck" on the playground. Blech!

Scott told his dad yesterday that we had gone out to buy me some "fat clothes."
Good thing for him I didn't have a gun 'cause he would have been dead before he finished that sentence. He was joking, of course, which is why he's still alive...well that and there is apparently a pesky waiting period to buy a gun these days and I just hadn't planned far enough ahead.

This week's grocery list:

lightweight .38 Special 2-inch revolver with snag-free configuration

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