Friday, June 26, 2009

10 little fingers and 10 little toes...

So here's some pics of our little Ladybug. Isn't she just the cutest kid ever? (and - of course - I'm completely objective)

I can't even describe how I felt watching her on the ultrasound screen today. I know I got to see her only a couple of weeks ago but this is just one of those things than never gets old, like winning the lotto or waking up every morning to realize you're married to a supermodel.

Today she drove our ultrasound tech nuts because every time she needed to get a couple of pictures of anything, Bug would sit still for the first 2 and then spazz out before rolling away and ruining the 3rd shot. I felt bad but I still found it pretty hilarious.

Happily, we managed to get all her pictures and measurements because quite honestly, I don't think my bladder could take another ordeal like that. I mean, who the hell decided to try taking internal pictures after forcing their subject to drink unnatural amounts of water while prohibiting bathroom breaks for hours on end only to finish with a prolonged steady poke in the gut? There's just nothing fun about that, you know?

I survived the pre-ultrasound swishfest and I'm glad I did. The second shot is of Bug sucking her thumb. We actually got to watch her stick her thumb in her mouth...which made me cry for some reason. (although that isn't exactly hard these days) Then I found myself unreasonably proud, as though a baby sucking her thumb in utero is a rare thing. (Don't bother Googling it. It isn't rare...I already checked. sigh)

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  1. shes the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... I couldnt be a happier auntie right now.... SO EXCITED