Sunday, May 31, 2009

15 Week Update

Well 15 fun filled weeks have now passed and when I'm not careful about what I wear, I look suspiciously pregnant. Every time Scott gets a look at my stomach, he gets this smug smile on his face that makes me want to start slipping sugar into all of his food. Wonder if he'll be so quick to believe me that a rapidly expanding waistline isn't unattractive if the tables are turned. haha

Well here's the link to the Baby Center update and the Visible Embryo finally has something new to say here. The 3D pic and update is available here. It is really hard to imagine Bug doing things like squinting and hiccuping but apparently that's all going on right now.

Last night Scott and I pulled off a real coup. We know damn well that people are getting suspicious so we decided it was time for me to drink: well, to pretend to drink. So before we went to a party last night we bought 4 bottles of Smirnoff Triple X, emptied them and filled them with white pop before recapping them! I think that's probably the biggest boondoggle I've ever successfully pulled off and it was so fun because everyone was just focused on having a good suspicious looks, no hints, no probing questions, nada. Just good times with good friends.

It was also fantastic because I think it bought us enough time that we can get past the 20 week mark now without anyone getting suspicious (although given my current rate of expansion, the social outings will be limited starting next weekend. There is only so much smart clothing options can hide and I'm quickly getting to the stage where there isn't going to be anything I can do or wear that will hide my true condition.

One really nice thing that came out of last night. One of my friends commented on how slammin' I looked in my new jeans. What she didn't know was that they are my new MATERNITY jeans. I have to say, I still feel pretty good about that one.

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