Monday, May 25, 2009

Mood Ring

I've (thankfully) left behind the first trimester "joys" of evening nausea and exhaustion only to exchange them for the second trimester insomnia and mood swings. Oh yes, and as of this morning, the highly coveted muffin-top.


This past weekend, I noticed that I'm even more mercurial than usual (a polite way of saying "dat bitch is MOODY") and I'm waking up around 5:30 every bloody morning after a restless night's sleep. Also, I hate to admit it but right now my cords aren't buttoned...I have a small hair elastic threaded through to give me just that much more breathing room. I can button these suckers, but do I want to? Not so much.

I hate hate HATE this stage. I'll be much happier when I pop.

I have to say, I'm surprised Scott hasn't yet left the house, supposedly to pick up some milk or whatever, caught a plane to some unpronounceable city on the other side of the world and rented a windowless room in some fleabag motel to escape my mood swings (as attractive as I know that option might seem sometimes). Instead, he's gamely (and sometimes grimly) hanging in there even when being around me is probably about as fun as being tied in a burlap sack with a gaggle of wet angry cats while being doused in salt and lemon juice.

Either this man is phenomenally stupid or I'm a very lucky woman. Not surprisingly, I'm going with lucky...

My mom sent me this earlier this morning. Made me laugh out loud...and then I began to think it might be a good idea but realistically I'm not sure a mood ring could keep up with me right now...

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