Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 13, Jellybean!

Ahhh...the relief that comes with the 2nd trimester! I love this stage. The nausea lets up, the energy levels return to a reasonable approximation of normal and for better or for worse, my appetite is back (with a vengeance!). Now if only my boobs would stop hurting...aaaand my poor father just blanched as he read that little gem.

I'm wearing my jeans (and I can still breathe!) but both Scott and I noticed a tiny bump in my stomach region when we went for a hike on Sunday so I think "showing" is not far behind. Since Bug is now 3 inches from head to bum and about the size of a peach, that shouldn't really surprise me but somehow I thought I was going to escape the heinous "is she preggers or just getting fat" stage. Silly me!

So here's the 411 on what's happening with Bug this week according to Baby Center and the 3D pic and update can be found here. Bug is definitely looking more like a real baby now which is good...and kind of scary. Makes it all seem more real, you know?

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