Friday, May 1, 2009

11 weeks along!

Hey all.

Another week and more important developmental milestones have passed so if you want to take a look at the Baby Center update for this week then just click here and the 3d rotatable view of Buggero is here. Finally, The Visible Embryo is giving an update as well so just click here if you're interested.

Personal Update: I hate to say it but the easy ride is most definitely Oh Vee Eee Are. I've been feeling sick almost 24/7 for the last week and my hormones are working overtime. Add to that that I'm not sleeping well and I've morphed into the stereotypical pregnant woman who eats too much and cries at the drop of a hat (sobbed my eyes out watching Heroes last week and NOT when Nathan died). Luckily for Scott, he was in Kamloops for 4 days with his buddies on a yearly golf trip so he missed the emotional shit show I called a weekend. If I didn't know this trip had been planned months ahead of time I would call the timing suspicious to say the least...

I actually feel bad for my cats. How many times in one night can an animal be chased down and forcibly cuddled by a woman turned into a sobbing maniac by a tv commercial or random storyline before it all gets to be a bit much? I guess we can all breathe easier now because Scott's home...he is, after all, much easier to chase down than the cats.

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  1. Hey sis... so sorry I'm not here to save the cats from the cuddle torment. Although I have seen your cats in full cuddle action and they sure as hell are hating it THAT MUCH! Love you.. its all the name of a baby! YEA BABY! Feel better