Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I haven't been sleeping all that well lately. Who can sleep when instead they could be busy calculating the odds that wishing hard enough might actually transport them to the McDonald's drive-thu at 3:30 AM, industriously sweating litres, or just feeling ridiculously perky? Not me, but hey, if you slackers want to waste 1/3 of your life sleeping I'm not going to criticize...

(I know it may sound stupid now but when I finally figure out exactly how hard you have to wish to get some damn McNuggets at that hour you WILL eventually thank me for it!)

Anyway...finally got some shut-eye last night sometime between Scott's periodic mumbling sessions and my 2 cats' nocturnal gymnastic routines but I woke up almost wishing I hadn't. I dreamt that I carried this baby for 9 months only to give birth to a kitten. A cute, fluffy (pronounced flue-fy) little kitten, but a kitten nevertheless.

I spent the rest of the night wondering how people would deal with that.
As though it could really happen.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of my workday wondering who the hell would actually take a kitten, put them into a little blue outfit, pop a soother into their mouth, strap them into a car seat and then snap a photo to post on the Internet.
Because, as you can see from the above, that really DID happen.

Aaah...nothing like time well spent.

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