Monday, April 6, 2009


Happily, I'm one of those lucky few who's job is flexible enough and my boss understanding enough that I can work at home when necessary...and today turned out to be one of those days.

The problem is that today work consists mostly of me simply trying to stay conscious. Easy, you might (mistakenly!) think for someone sitting bolt upright at her computer desk but instead it is proving remarkably difficult, especially while simultaneously trying to string together coherent sentences. If I could submit monosyllabic legal arguments then I would be set but since that is typically frowned upon, I'm screwed.

The one thing I resent about pregnancy so far is the drains on my time like the constant pee breaks (and the bloating if I'm going to be honest) but today the drain is a more literal one. I'm blindingly exhausted.


Earlier today I thought my energy levels would improve if I ate. Not so much. In fact, my brain decided that eating was a nap signal. Not a lot of legal argument but I had a very vivid dream about my mother and I wandering around India and meeting a woman possessed by the Hindu goddess Kali.

(*Note: woman in dream wasn't blue or as hot as Heidi Klum and she certainly wasn't on a red carpet anywhere but you get the general idea. Scaaary)

When I regained consciousness, I thought it would get better if I drank lots of water...apparently another rookie mistake. I'm actually so bloody tired that I resent the effort it takes to raise my glass! Where's my hospital straw when I need it? Better yet, where's my husband to raise my glass to my parched pregnant lips whenever I manage to mumble "water"? Oh yeah, he's at work. Pfft...what a slacker!

Oh god! I just realized the phone I'm trying to dial to harass said husband about his failure to live up to his end of this pregnancy bargain is actually my stapler. Guess that explains why I couldn't find the damn numbers!

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