Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bug Demoted Back to Embryo

Well I had my ultrasound yesterday...I'll write more about that experience when I have the time and the emotional distance not to pound my keyboard flat (let's just say it was "an eventful emotional rollercoaster" and leave it at that right now) but some interesting news came out of my visit: Bug was the size of a baby whose mom is 7 weeks 1 day pregnant, not 8 weeks 2 days pregnant. I kept trying to tell everyone that I should count things differently because of my late ovulation date (21 days into my cycle rather than 14) but did anyone listen? Nooooooo. (insert smug facial expression here)

I know it is twisted, but I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction having been proven right, even though I know it comes at the expense of waiting that much longer to meet Bug. Other good stuff that came out of it? We got to see my little lima bean and his/her heartbeat and then we got to listen to it too! Waaaay cool.

The bottom line: I'm now due on November 23rd and Bug is still an embryo, not a fetus. I'm sure he or she will eventually get over it...after all, it isn't exactly like being kept behind a year in school...or is it?

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