Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fetus Onboard! 8 week update

Heya all. Well now Bug has officially graduated from embryo to fetus.

Follow this link to Baby Center's 8 week update.

And this one to The Visible Embryo website.

And the 3D picture of Buggero is here.

Personal Update: I'm certainly not as tired as yesterday (hallelujah!) but I'm not exactly doing backflips here at work either. I should be raring to go after all the sleep I got yesterday but that's apparently not how this pregnancy thing works. I'm also going to my first ultrasound today and I'm busily trying not to worry that they are going to get me in there and tell me that this pregnancy thing is all in my head.

I was watching TV with Scott last night and a commercial for DQ came on at one point. I mumbled something about ice cream sounding good and the boy actually got up, put on his jacket, and went to the store to buy me some Rolo ice cream (my favourite)!
At 10pm!
I was completely shocked because I meant it in a "Note to self: buy ice cream the next time we go to the grocery store" kind of way but I think he felt so bad about how bad a day I had just had that he decided I had to have the ice cream that very minute.

Awww...knew I married him for a reason. He's a fabulous ice cream pimp.

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