Monday, April 20, 2009

A New Kitten will Join the Pride...

Ok. So if this entry is filled with laughable spelling mistakes or just plain gibberish, you can blame my cat Neelix's butt as it seems bound and determined to place itself directly on my keyboard just as his cute little face bobs up and blocks my view of the computer screen. Someone sure is desperate for attention tonight (and for once it isn't me!).

It is kind of making me wonder how my two furry little monsters will deal with a third little monster in the house, especially one that isn't content to simply eat kibbles, occasionally snarf up psychedelic garden herbs and sprawl on my bed snoring. Will my cats be ok with the changes a baby will inevitably bring or will they end up compulsively popping kitty prozac and sniffing pheromones out of a brown paper bag in the back alley? I honestly don't know.

I remember when my brother Cullen was a baby...I loved him but I was also fiercely jealous. We used to share a bedroom and I remember waiting until he was dead asleep to sneak over to his side of the room and wake him up in the hopes that my parents would tire of his endless whining and send him back for a refund. Will my cats resort to tormenting their new human brother or sister in a misguided attempt to have me send him or her back to the pound?

Given how cat-centric we are, I actually suspect my kid's first word will be "Meow" so the disruption to our pride might be minimal...

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  1. your kitties will LOVE bug.. anything you love they will too