Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello, My Name is Leigha and I'm an Addict...

I admit I'm one of those pissy people who always makes snide comments and my famous "fuck off and die" face at people I come across who happen to be smoking (even if I'm the one who has moved into their space) but now that I'm pregnant I've come to appreciate the crapfest overcoming an addiction really can be.

My addiction is by far one of the most insidious and surprising things I can think of: diet coke. Insidious how, you might wonder? Well...

a) it isn't illegal so I can get it almost everywhere at any time without fear of reprisal or consequences (unless Scott is close by and I swear that man can hear me thinking about it);
b) it is relatively cheap so you never hear of someone hitting rock bottom as a result of their addiction to it; and
c) to my knowledge, no one has ever cited diet coke as a contributing factor to the demise of their marriage or died as a result of their addiction to it, unless you count those idiots who die from tipping pop machines (and I would bet they are mostly Mountain Dew drinkers anyway so good riddance!).

However, I swear that whoever developed this drink somehow Frankensteined together the most addictive elements of crack, nicotine, and shopping to create a bottle of fizzy goodness I have never been able to resist...until now...because, of course, Babybug shouldn't have Aspartame.

So here I sit.
Primly drinking my Vitamin Water.
Staring at an ancient bottle of diet coke on my desk desperately wishing it was full of the aforementioned fizzy goodness.

6 months and 3 weeks more of this to go, people. In the meantime, if you see me perched on top of a pop machine mumbling to myself, please talk me down gently and whatever you do, don't tell Scott!

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  1. OKAY seriously.. you are my sister and I love you but I could totally see you doing this to a poor vending machine... with a Mars bar in one hand a a crow bar in the other! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thats such a great photo.