Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Highway to Hell

Needless to say, things didn't quite go according to plan on this trip.

Because we waited until the last minute, getting ready was an exercise in chaos. I couldn't find half of what I was looking for and (horror of horrors!) I didn't have the time or energy to scrub/tidy/dust/organize everything we own! Since I'm no June Cleaver, I don't quite understand where that impulse came from but thankfully it has passed and we're happily ankle deep in dust bunnies again.
Brynn was congested and her persistent, hacking cough kept her awake and - to be honest - kinda cranky.
By the time we hit Squamish, I was feeling like hell and by bedtime, I wanted to die. Helloooo, food poisoning!
For the entire weekend, Brynn would not sleep (or even stop screaming) unless her arms were wrapped around my throat or her foot was jammed up my nose. There's nothing like laying yourself down at night suffering from food poisoning and trying to breathe through it while your toddler pins you to the bed with a perfect Kimura submission hold.
It rained the entire bloody weekend *except on Sunday when we left* and Brynn and I sat around our hotel room getting cabin fever until there was a break in the clouds. By the time I got her bundled up and out the door, it was pissing rain again.
Oh and did I mention our stupid dishwasher leaked all over the place?

Yup. NOT a good road trip, to say the least.

FYI: I'm invoking the famous Worth "Let us never speak of it again" clause because I'll lose my shit if I've got to talk about this weekend EVER again.

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