Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm stressed out.

Yesterday, I learned that our amazing caregiver is taking July off to go to Greece for her son's wedding. From our perspective this is regrettable, but completely understandable.
Then, she's taking August off too because she always takes August off. Ummm...normally falls under the 'regrettable but understandable' category but she'll have just taken July. I know I'm horrible, but I have to say it anyway: WTF?
THEN, starting in September she's working a shorter week - four days only. My response: pretty much exactly what you see right here but with more fingers and lots more hair.

I know it isn't like she just dropped this bomb on June 15th or something but you have to understand, getting a place for a kid Brynn's age in a good daycare here in the 'Couver is like winning the bloody lotto. I would have had to register her the day I conceived for some of these places (you can't actually do that, I checked into it) and that's provided they're actually willing to take your name. One place we'd love to take Brynn to has a 400+ long wait list and hasn't accepted new names in over a year. Provided I ever get them to take her name, I'm sure there will be a spot just in time for my first grandchild. 400+ names? Really?

I've checked our top three preferred options (of the ones that would actually take our names for their wait lists) and all three are a no go.

Next Stop? Tantrumtown. According to The Great and Powerful Google, this may actually work.

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