Monday, March 14, 2011

The Devil's Boon 2 - The Devil's Kitty

I can't even tell you how freaked out I am right now...well, actually I am going to tell you how freaked out I am so brace yourselves.

As I mentioned before, the other day we bought Brynn another balloon (see exhibit A to the right).

Obviously, this wasn't my idea after my last experience but since this balloon seemed free of demonic influences I thought I would just go with the flow. As the days passed I even began to believe it was just an offensively pink piece of Mylar filled with helium. I still didn't exactly relax around is, after all, still a balloon...but at least I didn't think it was planning my imminent demise the way the last one obviously was.

Yesterday, when Scott left for hockey and Brynn went down for her afternoon nap, I went up to our bedroom to do some cleaning. Something got into my eye and I stumbled down the hall to our master bath.

there it was.

Brynn's Hello Kitty balloon was floating in our shower stall and I can guarantee that no one moved it after it was left downstairs for Brynn to kick/punch/squash/love. WTBFH OMFG!?! gets worse. Then, this damn (or should I say damned) balloon lifted itself back over the glass shower enclosure, floated across the room and lowered itself down until I was eye to eye with Lucifer's feline...and then it just stopped.
Yup. I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about it.
And no, I'm not even remotely kidding about this.

After realizing my tweezers were nowhere to be found, I threw the balloon over the pony wall where it should have floated downstairs. Should have, but didn't. Noooo, Brynn's balloon - AKA the Devil's Kitty - floated back up to the ceiling, across the pony wall, pulled its string out from a tight spot that should have kept it anchored, down low enough to pass under the lintel and back into the bathroom.

For the love of God, send pointy things c/o ME right now.

And no, I'm not kidding.


  1. Has it spoken to you yet? I am very concerned. You will probably have to sell your house.

  2. I'm thinking Antarctica is probably my best bet. I mean, it's probably a "balloon free zone," right?