Thursday, March 17, 2011

File This Under: "What Are You On?"

We're heading out on another road trip tomorrow - to Whistler this time. This is how I envision the weekend going...cue the squiggly lines and beebley music to show this is all taking place in my imagination:

As we ready ourselves for our trip, we are a virtual ballet of graceful organization. It is as beautiful to watch as it is to experience.
We find everything we need exactly where it should be, clean and ready to go.
Brynn is a bundle of excited (yet quiet and cooperative) energy until we get on the road, when she drifts into a nap of epic proportions.
I catch up on sleep while we drive up and feel like a million dollars when we arrive.
The weather is mild and sunny so Brynn and I spend time happily wandering the town while her father snowboards with friends.
At night, Scott and I spend romantic evenings snuggling on the couch while our baby snoozes away peacefully in the next room.

In summary, the plan is that we're going to spend an idyllic weekend away, leaving on Sunday with smiles on our faces and happy memories all around.

Yeah, I'd be searching my pockets for a bit o' whatever Raffi was on too 'cause I just don't see this happening either. Wish me luck!

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