Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where is my...Where is my...Where is my Internet?

My internet router decided to take a much needed vacation late last week.

It apparently hopped a plane to Mexico, got lost, wandered around Guadalajara after dark (never a good idea) and got scooped up in an after dark kidnapping raid.  Its whereabouts are unknown but as we have yet to receive proof of life, it is presumed dead.

I mourned for a few minutes and then the anger began.  I wanted to check my email. (mild annoyance)  I wanted to look at properties online. (getting pissed)  I had work to do and rather than lugging all those binders home I planned on using the online versions filed with our regulatory body.  


Obviously, this also cramped my bliggedy bloggin' style.  Horrors!

My internet provider compassionately assured us that we'd receive a fancy shmancy new router sometime this week.  Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, perhaps Thursday, a chance of Friday...

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