Monday, May 2, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Aaaaugh.  It's my theme today.  Live it.  Feel it.  Taste it. 

Daycare is my other theme. Yes, I'm blabbering about daycare.  Aaaaagain.

Recap: Brynn's caregiver is jetting off to Greece for 2 months on July 1st and returns to a four day work week.  Nice for her but a massive can'o'worms for us.  I can't even tell you how many places I called - including the ones Brynn's already wait listed for - and we were S.O.L. unless we were willing to split her week between 2 different daycares.  Obviously, NOT ideal.

Present day: we just received confirmation that Brynn has a FULL TIME place in a wonderful new daycare opening up here in Vancouver: Kids and Co. Cue the angels, heavenly spotlight, and blissful harp music.  To say this was a miracle is just shy of hyperbole...just

Time Warp: We're driving along a road we don't normally drive along.  I just happen to look up and see the sign saying Kids and Co are opening up soon and that they are having an open house (that Scott completely missed).  During their open house hours.  Before the hoards realized what was going on and gobbled up all the available spots.  Ohmanohmanohman. After a scream, a cartoon style screech and highly illegal u-turn, we high tailed it back to fill out an application.

Aaand back to present day: they told us we had a spot for June and I tried my best to sound sane on the phone while dancing around my living room like a coked-up ballerina. Could we defer to July?  Nope.  Full to the gills after June 1st.  Still dancing but I did feel sad about pulling Brynn from Maria's place early.  What to do?  Well, hell, I took the spot and agreed to move Brynn up to the toddler room, making room in the infant room for another lucky mom...I mean child.

So yesterday we had to tell our beloved caregiver that we're going to have to pull Brynn as of June 1st and not July 1st as originally planned.

It didn't go well.  Not well at all.

We left her place feeling as though we were scum.  She's somehow convinced that we made a point of finding something for June 1st and the rest of the conversation essentially boiled down to an extended guilt trip.  She's been so good to us.  Yup.  She's loved our baby.  Yup.  Brynn loves her.  Yup.  If she had known we were going to leave June 1st she would have booked her ticket to Greece for June.  Well we didn't choose was chosen for us.  She worries that Brynn won't be well cared for at this new place and that she won't like it there.


To me, that just crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed.  We're stuck between a rock and a hard place because of her. We have to make sure our baby is well taken care of and we're not willing to give up a placement so highly prized moms literally cried when they were told their kid had a spot (No, I didn't cry.  Too busy dancing to cry) just to make our current caregiver a bit happier for one more month.  I like Maria, but not THAT much.  Hell, I'm not even sure I like Scott THAT much.

Well maybe I do.

Love you, honey.

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