Monday, January 17, 2011

Road Trip 2010

Over the Christmas break Scott and I loaded up the car, cinched our baby into her car seat, and headed out for what I now call "Road Trip 2010."

We were on our way to spend Christmas with my parents who live about 5 hours away. Of course, that 5 hour trip time does not take into account bathroom/diaper breaks, meal breaks, snack breaks, freak out breaks, or the now infamous " 'Hey, look at all that fluffy snow' while mommy cries into her pillow" break. In other words, this trip doesn't exactly take 5 hours now that we've got a baby on board.

This trip was tough but I know it could have been much, much worse. My poor sister BJ had to deal with my niece Jordyn screaming until she literally puked every time she got in the car when she was a baby - No, I'm not kidding. LITERALLY. That kid actually yakked every time they went farther than the corner store after screeeeeeaming her lungs (and her mom's eardrums) out. I have to admit, even though it wasn't a walk in the park, I'm a damn lucky woman 'cause even though my child is stubborn and vocal, you put her in a car and she's pretty chill.

Anyway...please note that I said Brynn is "PRETTY" chill. Not chillin' and definitely not mad chill, shorty. She was pretty chill for an active 1 year old hogtied to a plastic chair covered by a thin layer of padding in the backseat of our car for what we'll euphemistically call a "5" hour drive. Let's just say I'm encouraging my parents to seriously consider moving back to Vancouver - or at least the Lower Mainland - because that drive was...interesting. And by "interesting" I mean something I don't want to repeat in the foreseeable future.

It certainly wasn't all butterflies, smiles and Disneyesque musical numbers, but...we survived. Merry Friggin' Christmas Everyone!

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