Monday, January 10, 2011

Thailand Calling...

We're going to Thailand!

FYI: when I say "we" - I mean Scott and I, NOT Brynn, Scott and I. Now don't judge me but I have to admit that I can't help but to say "we're going to Thailand" in a singsong and I swear I hear birds chirping and angels plucking their harps as I do.

Oh. Niiiice! There you go...all judgey judgey.

Sadly, this is the portion of the blog dedicated to my defense of myself for doing something I think is normal and healthy. Sigh. Here goes...

I love my child.
I love that kid so much I spend a laughable (or rather pathetic) amount of time obsessing over whether she likes me or not.
I love that kid so much I do the most ridiculous things just to make her front of strangers and people who know me, no less!
I love that kid so much I've actually (gasp!) gone to the grocery store without makeup to buy something she needed when it wasn't a 3 alarm emergency. I KNOW. Without makeup? Not even lip gloss or eye liner? "Good God," you must be thinking, "this woman sure looooooooves her baby." And believe me, anyone reading this who knows me, knows that this is something I would never do under normal circumstances, so yes, I love my child.

I do, however, think you can love your child and still go away on vacations without them. I've seen what happens to a person when her whole life is her kids and it ain't pretty. Women need to have more in their lives than diapers, scraped chins, and feeding schedules. So, my life in less than 2 weeks will revolve around beaches and bevvies. And curries. Lots of curries. (Shlurp) .

Of course, this unbridled hedonism will all be scheduled around my daily Skype conversations with my child, but that's beside the point. (disclaimer: This is NOT a picture of my child looking studiously at a computer screen. Mine would be pounding the shit out of the keyboard while laughing maniacally. No Google images photo corresponding to that, strangely enough)

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