Monday, February 14, 2011

And The Nineth Ring of Hell is....

Jetlag! Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness' worst punishment has GOT to be jetlag. I'm so tired my eyelashes hurt. I'm so wrecked my cuticles have bags. I'm so...well, I can't think of any more ways to describe how tired I am because I'M TOO FRAKKING TIRED!

I've begun to believe Thailand is Heaven and apparently Heaven is a warm, relaxing and tropical 15 hours ahead of Vancouver's cold, drab and dreary Rainfest of a timezone (boo rain!).

There were times I (semi)seriously thought about running away from Rainfest and staying in Heaven but then I remembered my real reason to come back to Rainfest. She's 14 months old, likes cats, balloons and long walks down our hallway. Her pet peeves are baby food, the word "No" and naptimes. No matter where I was or what I was doing, her little blue eyes and devilish smile would always call me back.

I have to say, this time I wish she had called me back on a different airline.

Scott and I flew Korean Airlines from Bangkok to Vancouver via Inchon, Korea. Well, actually we flew Asia Airlines from Phuket to Bangkok with a layover and transfer to Korean Airlines but that's details without much relevance to my true complaint. Oh, and did I mention I spent more than 32 hours in transit. Ohhhh yes...32 uncomfortable hours.

We hopped in a cab at 7:45 PM Thailand time (4:45 AM Vancouver Time) and didn't arrive back in BC until after well after 12 PM Vancouver time two days later. At the best of times, this is a long trip but we spent a ridiculous 9 hours in the second most beautiful, but absolutely most boring airport in creation before being forced to sit on a jam-packed airplane toddling around the tarmac for 2 hours past its scheduled take-off before finally taking off on its 11 hour flight, only then realizing that the chairs in the emergency exit row don't even come close to reclining the (puny) standard 33 degrees. OH MAH GAWD.

I loved Thailand. Looovedlovedloved it. I luuuuuurve Thailand but I detested the trip to and from more than usual this time. The Inchon airport in Korea, while lovely and clean, is a shopper's paradise...but only if you are Paris Hilton: Gucci, Prada, Cartier or, for the truly poor, Coach (shudder). It was one of the most repetitive places I have ever seen in my life: there were endless stores but they were quite literally all the same. I felt like I was being stalked when I kept looking around and seeing Gucci signs, Cartier stores, and Prada purses no matter where I walked. It was a bit like Groundhog Day meets Clueless.

Of course, if I were rich, I would probably be babbling on about how great Inchon was and how much I enjoyed my layover there. My 9 hour layover.

Sadly, in the absence of my Lotto Max win, it's still on my list of most boring.

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