Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Baby Book

When I was little, I always got a massive charge out of reading my baby book. To be honest, I think the allure was mostly that it just seemed really cool to me that this book was both for and about my favourite subject: me. I'm sure my mom groaned every time I dug it out because it would inevitably result in my chasing her around the house pelting her with any number of supplementary questions. Somehow it just wasn't enough to know what my first word was. To hell with that! What was my first, my second, and my third? (for your information, my first word was "cookie" and despite having used my best interrogation techniques, I still have no idea what my second and third were...)

So, it probably comes as no surprise that I'm planning a baby book for Brynn and that I have been for some time. The only surprising thing is that I've left it this long to actually start one. No, Brynn will not suffer with a baby book filled with empty pages so I realized the other day that I had to get off my ass and get it started. On Friday, I packed up Brynn and headed off to the mall where I finally picked up Brynn's baby book. I'm pretty damn jazzed to start this thing and yes, I've just now realized how lame that word sounds..."jazzed" Pfft.

Anyway...what isn't so "jazzy" is the baby's first Brynn is currently experiencing: baby's first rhinovirus. In other words: my kid has her first cold. Snotty noses aren't so bad for the average adult but for babies? Just imagine only being able to breathe through your nose and then shove a cork up each nostril. Fun Fun Fun.

Not surprisingly, there isn't an entry in Brynn's baby book to chronicle this experience for posterity. I suspect the editors quickly realized that asking a new mother to talk about anything like a baby's first illness would quickly degenerate from a factual account to tears and then to an R rated rant. Or, if the new mother is a Worth, directly to the R rated rant (we're nothing if not quick on the draw). To be honest, it is just as well. I don't much relish the prospect of explaining to a young Brynn the proper use of the various four letter words that come to mind when describing how her being sick makes me feel.

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