Monday, March 23, 2009

A Rant

I'm one of those people who is always complaining about the media showing overly thin women as our supposed beauty ideal but to my horror I've now discovered this ridiculous practice is also used in advertising maternity clothing. (Horrors!) Before I saw the picture below taken during a "maternity" runway show, I honestly thought they had miraculously found gorgeous women who had beautifully round bumps with no bloating or extra weight anywhere and I was starting to dread being obviously pregnant because I just know I'm never going to live up to that.

Then I saw this:

Note the thin legs and protruding clavicle. See that jawline that could cut cheese and count the ribs showing in the scoop neckline. Then look at the waistband of her shirt and tell me that this woman's bump isn't caused by a STRAP ON BELLY!! The waistband is tucked under it just a little in the middle. See? You can't tell me I'm wrong 'cause it is as obvious as the fact that this poor girl masquerading as a pregnant woman is walking this runway fondly remembering the last time she had something to eat: June of 2005. Note: Scott looked at this picture and says he isn't sure her belly is a fake. Further proof men are oblivious, I say.

And what about this chica?

No obvious signs of a strap on, but now I have no doubt she too is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Or at least more fake than your average model because there is no bloody way that rake is really pregnant.

Why on earth do people do this to us? Pregnancy is the ONE time in our lives that we will be chastised if we don't gain weight but they use women who either live on cocaine and cigarettes (a la Kate Moss) or who don't eat at all to sell us clothing showing off bulges we would normally be horrified to have. I'm all for showing the clothing on attractive models but use yummy else are we going to know how these clothes will look on real pregnant women? Quite frankly, I don't give a damn about how they look on skinny-ass models wearing strap on bellies, do you?

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