Friday, March 20, 2009

I gots some 'splaining to do...

Ok. So it is entirely possible that when you are reading this, you're someone I've lied to. Hell, it has only been just over a week since I found out myself and I've already lied to a number of you. By the time we feel comfortable telling you, I'll have probably stacked up any number of excuses, bafflements, and just plain lies to explain why I am:

1. not drinking;
2. running to the washroom every five bloody minutes;
3. tired all the frickin time; and
4. crazier than usual.

So let me begin this blog by apologizing. Yes, I'm a schmuck for not letting you in on this right away...but I hope you'll understand that we're doing this with the best of intentions. goes:

I'm sorry.
Je suis désolée.
Lo siento.
انا اسفه
Gomen nasai.
Het spijt me.

I imagine that some of you will read this after you've guessed the truth 'cause 1. I'm a terrible liar and 2. I'm bloody awful at hiding it when I'm excited about anything (no poker career for me!). That doesn't mean you should feel bad if you didn't guess and you're reading this after I've made the big announcement. It just means you're a trusting soul who believed (WRONGLY) that I wouldn't mislead a friend. If that enrages you, please read that handydandy list of apologies above and return to your happy place secure in the knowledge that I only did it for a good cause and that I am truly, truly, truly sorry...and happy...but sorry too.

So this is my shout out from the building tops: "I'm pregnant. I'm expecting. I'm with child."

Welcome to my "secret". So far, the wee freeloader's name is Bug.

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