Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 7 weeks BabyBug!

Time for my 7 week update on Bug's progress...I've now decided to just put in the links to the info for my updates to make this blog a little more streamlined. That way, if you want, you can read about what's going on with Bug but you're not forced to wade through it if you aren't particularly interested.

7 weeks pregnant

Baby Center's 7 week update can be found here

Then, there's the update info and weird little pic at The Visible Embryo here

And my favorite part: the 3d rotatable view of Bug is available here

My own personal update: Well now one set of our friends know about Bug and I would like to thank them right now. Larry and Joanne, I appreciate you letting me think my crappy befuzzlement skills actually worked when I refused that drink at your place but Scott told me the other day you figured it out and talked to him about it that same night. I know I'm a piss poor liar so it came as no surprise that I hadn't fooled you but you two rock for not calling me out!

I haven't told anyone else though and although I have moments where I'm desperately wanting to share, overall I'm still happy to keep it to myself. I kind of like walking around knowing I have a secret although how long I'll actually be able to keep this to myself is another thing altogether...it will, after all, become obvious at some point.

The other day when we were in Costco, I was struck by the most intense craving for lemon crumble pie...which they didn't have for the first time in memory...and pickles. Not together, mind you, just cravings for two very different things that happen to have comme up at the same time. Now that I mention it...a dill would be fabulous right now. mmmmmm

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