Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Queen of Lower West Banjoville

We did it!  We finally did it.  We bought a house.

And not just a house.

It is THE house.  A dream house.  My dream house...eeeexcept for the fact that it isn't in Vancouver.  Or Burnaby.  Or even Port Moody.
Nope.  Officially, it is in Coquitlam (the next burb out past Port Moody) but it is close enough to Port Moody that I'm going to call it "Coquoody".  I know that's stupid but it makes me feel marginally better about being out in the boonies.

Instead of the King of Kensington, I'm now the Queen of Lower West Banjoville.  (yes, "Banjoville" is actually a legit term.  Google it, I dare you.  Or better yet, follow my handydandy link to the urban dictionary for the definition.

Feast your eyes on my new digs.

Wait a minute...this isn't MY house.  This is a picture of Will Smith's living room from Architectural Digest.  What a dump!  He can now only dream of owning my new pad.  Bwahahahahahaa
Let us all now take a moment to feel sorry for the Fresh Prince of somewhere other than Lower West Banjoville.

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