Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogs Away!

I’ve been working on a project lately that made me realize I’ve been at this awhile.  Blogging, I mean.  I’m currently taking my blog and slurping it into book form so I can horrify my daughter once she’s old enough to read my rather colourful vocabulary and subject matter without either asking what “^%!@” means or staring horrified at the page.  Of course, if she’s anything like her mother and her Auntie Heather, I’ve got to get a move on because she’s overdue to begin swearing like a drunken sailor.  (She’s already repeated a few gems she’s overheard when the "Dinglie Danglie Doodle rule" was being ignored but those were isolated incidents.  Really.  They were.  Just isolated incidents and not part of a larger pattern that should cause anyone any concern, ok?  Ahem.)

For this book project, I went back to the beginning of my blogging “career” and it made me realize how much I’m enjoying this.  Yup.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like writing.  In a perfect world, it is what I would do for a living.  Writing, I mean, not blogging.  Well, to be honest, if some benevolent stranger were to come to me and promise that I could make a living blogging I wouldn’t say no so I guess technically anything that involves creative writing is “ma thang.”

Sooo…anyone willing to pay me to do this? 

Any takers? 




Alrighty then.  Well, I honestly thought I would make my way in life as a writer once I came to the painful realization that Hollywood wasn't comin'a' knockin'.  Yup.  At one time, it was me or  some pouty chick named Angelina but because I wasn’t willing to make a complete idiot of myself by faking – badly – a bored British accent in every second film while wearing next to nothing and pretending to act, she got the big break.  Since I’m not willing to abandon what little dignity I have left or my love affair with Sir Mars of Bar, you can bet I’m not holding my breath for a late break into film stardom either. 

Anyway, I haven't exactly been burning up the pages with my creative stylings lately either...other than my bliggedy blogging...and I want to try to change that.  So what I want you all to do is tell people about my blog.  NOW.  Of course, what I really mean is that I want you to tell people GOOD things about my blog (I'm a big believer that specificity is important – careful what you ask for and all that).  That way, when I eventually pound out my Great Work of English Language Fiction, my huge fan base will read about it in my blog and they'll be so excited they'll all rush to the bookstore to buy it en masse.  

It will - of course – then end up on the NY Times Bestseller list and I'll be whisked off on a whirlwind book signing tour where I'll be showered with gifts of expensive shoes and designer clothing so I can look fabulous when I meet all my screaming fans.  Aaaah yes.  Truth be told, I’m a sad, shallow little artist trapped in a white collar day job who, yes, has indeed read that blogging with readership-building in mind is a no-no but TO HELL WITH THAT.  I WANT READERS.  I WANT TO KNOW I’VE GOT REGULAR READERS.  I like the thought of people enjoy reading mah dahm scribblin' so sprehd the gud wurd, fulks.  

I'll just sit here and try to feel the love in the meantime.  Oh, and I’ll even throw in a bit of work once in awhile 'cause that's just how I roll.


  1. YAAY - I'm the first comment - which makes ME a trendsetter - right? hehehe... I am sure the comment accolades are sure to come - any minute now!
    I think you're great - and would buy a book of your ponderings in a heartbeat.

  2. Watch the movie based on a true story called Julie and Julia (I think?). It's about a woman who blogs about cooking all the recipes in Julia Child's book in the course of a year. She ends up doing interviews about her blog and writing a book.

  3. I was wondering where the heck you had been! Good luck with the writing...Not that I'm even qualified to say it, but you have a great style...entertaining and easy to read...Don't neglect your random follower though :p