Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Year One: Back on Blog

So this last couple of years have been one heckuva trip - from stick peeing, to fattitude, to birth and baby to early toddlerhood.

Yeesssss, I said toddlerhood. She's walking. She's walkingupabloodystorm! Of course, I WOULD like to attach a braggy video showing my babes acing the Tour de House but as I have said before, this stupid blogger site doesn't seem to want to load my damn videos. (insert pissed off maternal mumbling here) Just picture the cutest kid (ever!) walking all over the place with her mommy chasing after her whisking cat food bowls out of her way while preventing an archeological dig in the cat pan and you've pretty much got the picture.

Motherhood is all about this kind of Glah-mah! Oh yeaaaaaah.

Sadly, I kind of lost my blog for awhile. I didn't forget about it. I didn't stop caring about it. I just sort of lost it. I was busy with a baby who seems to be on developmental overdrive and when I wasn't chopping, chasing, folding, playing, cleaning, feeding, sorting, changing, planning or shopping I was unconscious. What can I say? It happens and I'm a mommy so I've gots myself a good excuse. Now I'm back at work and the siren song of time wasting is a callin'. "Blog, anyone?" Whay yehs! I'll have me one of thohse, thahnk yeh verrah much.

So here I am. Back again. Working until my lottery boat comes in (come on, Lotto Max!) with the desire to write about my crazy new life.

Welcome back on blog.

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